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Mortgage Broker with over 19 Years of Experience

Centum Discount Mortgages Canada Inc. provides Residential Mortgage Services to clients who require assistance in solving their problems, whether it’s helping them consolidate debt or assisting in buying their first home.

Why Choose Discount Mortgages Canada As Your Mortgage Broker
  • We work for you!
  • We have a fiduciary responsibility to you
  • We work with reputable lenders such as top banks, credit unions and more
  • Our experience and client service are second to none
  • We take the mystery out of the mortgage process while making it easy to understand your options
  • Our ability to help you goes beyond securing a mortgage

Services by Centum Discount Mortgages Canada Inc.

  • First Time Home Buyer Mortgage

    First Time
    Home Buyer Mortgage

    So, you are thinking of buying your first home in Ontario, but where do you start? Our Mortgage Agent can help you out.

  • Private Mortgage Lenders & Non-Conventional Financing

    Private Mortgage Lenders &
    Non-Conventional Financing

    To get access to private lenders and mortgage investors you generally need to deal with a Private Mortgage Broker and that’s where we come in!

  • Self Employed Mortgage

    Self Employed

    We understand what it is like to be self employed and have made arrangements with several lenders that can offer alternative financing to the traditional banks.

  • Mortgage Refinancing & Debt Consolidation

    Mortgage Refinancing &
    Debt Consolidation

    Our Mortgage brokers will help you determine if breaking your mortgage to refinance and paying an early payout penalty will save you money in the long term.

  • Mortgage Renewal or Transfers

    Mortgage Renewal
    or Transfers

    The rates offered to you at your renewal are usually the posted rates which are much higher than the discounted rates. Our mortgage specialists can arrange for you to get the best rate at no cost.

Our Mortgage Broker/ Agent Serves clients across the following areas: Cambridge | Guelph | Kitchener | Waterloo | Wellington County

Mortgage Agent/ Broker Serving Guelph, ON

Our job is not to tell you what to do, but to provide all options so you can make an informed decision based on the facts rather than what is best for the lender.

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