Kelly C.

Author: Centum Discount Mortgage Canada Inc. |

When Kelly separated from her ex-husband over a year ago, Discount Mortgage Canada (DMC) offered her a mortgage from their personal investment funds as a bridge to enable Kelly to buy a home for herself and her children. At the time, Kelly was not eligible for a loan from a traditional lender because her separation agreement was not finalized. Even though DMC knew she was unemployed, they loaned Kelly the funds to purchase her current home based on their existing relationship with her as a client, but also on the basis of their business relationship with Kelly’s ex-husband, their knowledge of her ex-husband’s ability to support her and their absolute trust based on experience that Kelly’s ex-husband would do so. DMC’s relationships with their clients are therefore such that they can make judgments of this importance and magnitude with absolute confidence. 

They had a profound and lasting positive impact on the lives of my children and me that I will never, ever forget.

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